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Ambassador Application

Organize GREENEARTH Meetings in your city Become a Sustainability Ambassador

GREENEARTH is the Sustainability Promotion Community. It brings together climate technology entrepreneurs, investors and the business world through its Sustainability Ambassadors.

It organizes meetings in different cities of the world in order to benefit from the experiences of initiatives working within the scope of combating the climate crisis and to lead the formation of possible collaborations.

If you are interested in climate change, sustainability or the environment and want to make an impact in the field, you can contribute in a number of ways. These contributions can be volunteer work, organizing trainings, participating in community events, developing projects or raising awareness on these issues. The role of Sustainability Ambassador can often be appropriate for individuals who are passionate about something and dedicated to raising, supporting and advancing the community by actively working in the field.

You may be suitable for the role of Sustainability Ambassador if you consider yourself active in these areas and are willing to lead your community towards a more sustainable and informed future. However, it is important to evaluate your goals, capabilities, and resources to determine what is the most appropriate path. Please share your source of motivation with us.

GREENEARTH Meetups offer opportunities for both individual development and community impact for those interested in sustainability and environmental entrepreneurship. Thanks to these meetings, the Sustainability Ambassador has the opportunity to establish his own safe community in his own city.

Organizing meetups is also a great way to quickly grow your professional network in your local ecosystem, stay up to date with the latest industry trends in your area, and improve your entrepreneurial and networking skills.

No. GREENEARTH licenses are limited to one city and one license per city.

Yes. GREENEARTH Meetups can be licensed to corporations or nonprofits.

Yes. Each Ambassador signs a license agreement to represent the GREENEARTH brand and agrees that all content created as a result of a GREENEARTH Meeting will remain the property of our company. The license agreement lasts for 1 year and is renewable.

You can arrange a meeting on behalf of your own personal brand. However, we kindly ask you not to use the name "GREENEARTH" in your personal branding works and not to associate it with our "GREENEARTH" brand. We prefer Sustainability Ambassadors to represent us individually.

GREENEARTH Sustainability Ambassadors hold at least 5 meetups per year to support their city's communities.
As a Sustainability Ambassador, you will also be responsible for:
Finding 1 to 2 team members or volunteers to support you at meetups in your city.
Finding a venue to host your meetings.
Organizing 4 meetings per year in your city (subject to availability and demand).To participate or organize at least 2 activities per year in your city. (It can be running a marathon, cleaning up the garbage, swimming or a popular activity in that city)
Find and reach relevant speakers to attend your meetings.
Finding a photographer for your event (optional but recommended).
Publish your meetups through our event publishing platform.
Promote your meetups and find attendees to attend.
All aspects of event logistics (from setup to hosting and cleaning)
Providing local sponsors to cover the costs of your meetups (optional but recommended)

If you apply as a team of Sustainability Ambassadors, the following criteria are met by you or a group of several people.

At least one person on the team has a strong understanding of the venture fundraising and investment process (because you're an investor too - VC, CVC, or angel, because you've raised funds for your venture or worked on a startup supported first).
At least one person on the team has a strong network in the startup/investment world related to Sustainability or Combating the Climate crisis.
In addition, there are key skills that make a great Sustainability Ambassador, such as event hosting experience, flexibility, and strong interpersonal skills. Don't be put off if you don't have everything, the responsibilities of hosting a Meetup are shared between your local team and you can all bring different skills to the table.